With one of our many vegetarian miso pastes or other miso products, you can make your meal completely vegetarian. Just follow any of these vegetarian miso recipes—or create your own.

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Vegetarian Miso Health Highlights

Experts in health have long promoted a vegetarian diet for a healthy lifestyle. Whether you eat vegetarian once a week or every day, the above recipes can help bring variety and flavor to your healthy eating habits. Most of our vegetarian recipes are high in protein, something that can be much harder to incorporate into your meals if you eat a completely vegetarian diet. To get all of your daily nutrients, look for vegetarian variety!

Vegetarian Variety

Health experts also promote variety as the key to a healthy diet. There is plenty of variety in the various combinations of vegetables, but miso brings important additional nutrients to keep your diet well-rounded and complete. Miso also brings variety to your taste buds with its unique ability to add umami to any dish.

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Proper Digestion

As vegetables can sometimes be more difficult for your body to process, making a miso marinade for your vegetables as you would for a meat entree is a great way to ease the digestion process and keep your body functioning properly.