Miso Soup

Bowl of Hot Miso Soup

A Japanese Tradition and Worldwide Favorite

A traditional Japanese food for hundreds of years, miso soup is gaining traction around the world for its delicious flavor profile and many nutritional benefits. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, miso soup has a unique flavor—salty and savory, yet light and sweet all at once. Served before a heartier course or on its own, miso soup is a simple, versatile food item.

Miso’s origins in Japan can be traced as far back as the 7th century. Originally, the paste was made using an animal-based protein, but when it made its way into Japan, using a plant-based protein proved to be more popular.

Over the years to follow, the Japanese were able to refine the process of creating miso, which helped the food become an essential part of the Japanese diet. They developed different types of miso by using varying ingredients and fermentation times, leading to its increasing popularity worldwide.

Learn more about how miso and miso soup are created, what gives it its unique flavor, and the differences between each of our miso products. Visit our recipes page for creative ways to incorporate miso into your everyday diet.

What is Miso Soup?

Miso has played a vital role in the culinary life of Japan for hundreds of years. As more and more Westerners are discovering the nutritional benefits and delicious flavor of miso, it is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite ingredients in a broad range of recipes.

Miso is made from soybeans, koji rice, salt, and sometimes barley or other ingredients, depending on the type of miso being made. The flavor of miso is complex and built with a delicate harmony of sweetness, saltiness, umami, sourness, and bitterness. To make a tasty miso, all of the flavor components must be high quality and well-balanced. The highly prevalent umami flavor is what makes miso such a wonderful addition to so many recipes; no matter what you make, miso will bring out a depth of flavor in the other ingredients that satisfies your savory cravings and, simply put, makes your meal more delicious.

It can be hard to understand the different types of miso, so here’s a very brief guideline: the miso varieties that are lighter in color are mellower in flavor, while the darker ones are richer in flavor. Regardless of what type of miso might soon be your favorite, you can be confident that every miso product you buy from Marukome was made with non-GMO soybeans in our immaculate, state-of-the-art factories.

We’re excited to help you discover Japan’s favorite miso products. We think that once you try them, they’ll be your favorite too.

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Our Authentic Miso Soup

At Marukome, we are passionate about miso. We think that miso is a strong representation of Japan’s healthy eating culture and we want to spread its healthy living message to the rest of the world. We also think it’s delicious, so we know it will be an all-around wonderful addition to your daily eating habits.

Healthy Miso for a Healthy World

Koji and miso are two of the foundational elements of Japan’s food culture. Koji is the base ingredient in miso, and it is also used to make soy sauce, sake, and other traditional Japanese food items. Koji encourages a healthy digestive system, and the classic bowl of tofu miso soup has been used for centuries in Japan as a protein-rich, detoxifying digestive agent.

Aside from the natural health benefits of miso, we offer low sodium miso soup, organic miso products, and many other all natural miso options, never with genetically modified organisms. As Japan’s #1 miso company, we are committed to bringing only the best and healthiest ingredients into your meals.

Where to Buy Miso

Where to buy miso depends on which type of miso you are looking for. Many of our products are available for purchase online, but if you are interested in wholesale, the process is a bit different. Here’s an outline of where you can buy which products.

Miso_Easy Original

Miso & Easy

Miso & Easy is our popular miso broth concentrate that you can find in many grocery stores as well as online. Miso & Easy has gained its popularity for its ease of use and its versatility in cooking. It might even become as common in your kitchen as salt and pepper!

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Classic Tofu Instant Miso Soup 3-Pack

Instant Miso

Some of our instant miso options are available online, and you can find most of them in a store near you. Our instant miso soups come in a wide variety of options and can be ready at a moment’s notice, so they’re a great miso product to stock your kitchen with—you’ll be able to grab one for a quick dinner or snack when you want an instant dinner that’s good for you.

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Organic Japanese Miso

Miso Paste

Our most popular miso pastes—our organic and reduced sodium organic pastes—are available online, and you can find the rest in a store near you. Our miso pastes are our most traditional miso products and can be used in a wide variety of healthy recipes, each paste imparting a unique flavor. You can find out which pastes to use in which recipes by visiting our recipes page.

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Miso Soup Dispenser

Miso Soup Dispensers

Our soup dispensers are available for purchase by phone order only. Soup dispensers are immensely popular in sushi restaurants and pop-up poke bars, but we’re happy to bring endless miso soup to anyone else who needs it.

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Shio Koji Package


Koji is available for purchase both online for small order and in bulk through our wholesale process. Some of our koji options include shio koji, shoyu koji, and dry koji. You can find koji recipes on our recipes page.

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Wholesale Miso

If you are looking for a distributor so that you can buy miso in bulk, or if you would like to become a distributor, we can help. Find out more about our wholesale miso options and who to contact on our wholesale page.

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