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MIso Soup Dispencer

Marukome's Miso Soup Dispenser mixes miso and water just below the boiling point ... never overheats ... and always allows you to produce just enough servings! Say goodbye to problems making miso soup, and let Marukome's Miso Soup Dispenser do the work for you. A push of the button delivers fresh and savory miso soup instantly, every time! The convenient miso pak makes approximately 100 servings per bag.

The Miso Soup Dispenser is ideal for setting such as

  • Japanese restaurants.
  • Hotel buffets.
  • Fast-food and takeout restaurants.
  • Office and school cafeterias.
  • Other commercial food-service settings.
Miso Soup Dispenser

How to Use Marukome Miso Soup Dispenser

Miso Soup Dispenser01
  • Adjust the intensity of flavor, water temperature, and consistency using the on-board control panel.
  • Place the miso pak in the dispenser.
  • Prepare your customers' favorite vegetables, such as wakame seaweed, green onions, or tofu, and place into the serving bowl.
  • Place the bowl under the dispenser nozzle.
  • Press the button and in just 4 seconds you will have fresh serving of miso soup!