Miso Nutrition Facts

In Japan, miso has been celebrated for hundreds of years for its healthy properties. The Japanese diet is credited as a key reason that Japan boasts one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world.

Miso Ingredients and Miso Soup

What’s So Great About Miso?

The ingredients as well as the fermentation process contribute to miso’s unique health benefits. Here are some of the great healthy properties you can expect when you eat miso:

High Protein, Low Fat

Miso is made from protein-rich soybeans, which contain the amino acids lysine and leucine—essential for good health. Marukome strives to promote great-tasting miso precisely because it can be such an effective and crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.

Miso boasts a low fat and sugar content, and although salty, potassium-rich seaweed in most miso soup (it’s in many of our instant miso soups) helps to block sodium absorption. Miso also helps lower high blood pressure. The soybeans from which miso is made contain protein, fiber, and lecithin, all of which aid in lowering cholesterol and preventing arterial blockage.

Cleansing and Good for Your Gut

The Japanese have always attributed cleansing and detoxifying qualities to the traditional morning bowl of miso soup. It is very good for digestion, containing many important probiotics as a result of the fermentation process.

Miso has also been studied as a cancer preventative. Japanese cancer research dating back to 1981 has found that daily consumption of miso soup actually lowered the occurrence of stomach cancer in the studies’ subjects. Reduced liver and other cancers were also a result of the study.

What Else is Miso Good For?

Miso soup is full of ingredients and properties that contribute to good nutrition and health, including:

Vitamin b2 Icon

Promotes oxidation-reduction

Enzyme Icon

Aids in digestion

Prostaglandin E Icon

Prevents high blood pressure

Protein Icon

Reduces blood cholesterol, maintains blood-vessel elasticity, prevents cerebral apoplexy

Trypsin Inhibitors Icon

Anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties

BROWN Pigment Icon

Inhibits generation of lipid peroxides and has anti-aging properties

Vitamin b12 Icon

Helps blood formation, reduces mental fatigue

Isoflavone Icon


Dietary Fiber Icon

Reduces blood pressure, helps prevent colon cancer, important for a healthy diet

Vitamin E Icon

Inhibits generation of lipid peroxide, promotes anti-aging

Lecithin Icon

Reduces blood cholesterol, prevents hardening of the arteries, prevents mental deterioration

Healthy Variety

Each product has its own unique health benefits, in addition to those listed above. The following includes some of the individual product benefits.

Original Miso Broth Concentrate

Miso & Easy

Miso & Easy is gluten free, made in the USA, and two of the three products are vegetarian. The base ingredients for all of our Miso & Easy products are filtered water, non-GMO soybeans, koji rice, sea salt, alcohol, and sweet rice wine. Other ingredients include shiitake mushroom extract, garlic, and spices.


Classic Tofu Instant Miso Soup 3-Pack

Instant Miso Soup

Our instant miso soup products are made with completely natural ingredients. Most are gluten free and we never add MSG. Our instant soups include our dried miso and a variety of other dried ingredients, all healthy and delicious.


All Natural Miso Paste Product

Miso Paste

As the most traditional miso product, miso paste has each and every health benefit listed above. Our organic, all-natural, and premium miso pastes are gluten free, made in the USA, and Kosher. Our Ryotei no Aji and Marukome Boy miso pastes are gluten free and made in Japan. All of our miso pastes are made with non-GMO soybeans, koji rice, sea salt, filtered water, and alcohol. Some additional ingredients include bonito and seaweed broths.


Shio Koji Bottle


Koji gives miso many of its nutritional benefits, including the probiotics that come from the fermentation process. These same benefits are in our shio koji and shoyu koji products. The basic shio koji ingredients are filtered water, koji, sea salt, and alcohol. The only additional ingredient in shoyu koji is soy sauce.


Non-GMO Guarantee

Committed to providing a healthy lifestyle through our delicious miso products, Marukome upholds our non-GMO promise with each and every product. Read more below about why Marukome uses only non-GMO soybeans in all of our products.

What Are GMO’s?

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are living organisms whose genetic material has been manipulated through genetic engineering. While GMOs are often used in medical and biological research, they are also used in agriculture to create herbicide, pesticide, and drought-resistant crops, as well as increase crop yield.

Why Don’t We Use Them?

While GMOs can make crops cheaper, many developed countries do not consider them to be safe. There are large restrictions on GMOs in Japan, along with over 60 other countries around the world, some who have banned GMOs altogether. Marukome has decided to never use GMOs in our products because of increasing evidence that GMOs are connected to health problems, environmental damage, and violations of farmers’ and consumers’ rights.

Our Non-GMO Promise

Soy is one of the most frequently genetically modified crops. In fact, 94% of all soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified. Marukome is committed to providing you with the healthiest miso, so we never use genetically modified soybeans. We use 30,000 tons of soybeans annually, and they are all non-GMO. Through healthy miso products, we hope to spread Japan’s healthy eating lifestyle to the United States and beyond.