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Japan’s Favorite Miso Company

Marukome is proud to be Japan’s #1 miso company! Since 1854, we have shared our love for miso with others, spreading its healthy living message through the highest quality miso products.

Our Healthy Living Commitment

At Marukome, we are committed to consistently providing healthy meal solutions through our miso and koji products and our delicious miso recipes. We know how hard it can be to find time and energy to cook and eat healthfully for yourself and your family, so we offer many miso meal solutions that are fast and easy. We want to help you live a healthy life no matter how busy you are.

The quality of our products is at the heart of our commitment to healthy living. While 94% of all soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified, Marukome never uses genetically modified soybeans in the crafting of our miso products. We use 30,000 tons of non-GMO soybeans annually, ensuring that the miso that ends up in your kitchen meets and exceeds our high quality standards.

Our Miso Company in the United States

In 2007, Marukome USA was created. The US Marukome factory is located in Irvine, California, a pristine factory with updated technology and processes for miso products made with care and quality. We have numerous quality control initiatives and third party audits to ensure that everything you use with the Marukome name is healthy, high quality, and delicious.

Our most popular miso product in the United States is Miso & Easy, an authentic miso broth concentrate in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. It’s the perfect solution for fast meals any busy day of the week.

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