Organic Miso

Organic Japanese Miso

What is Organic Miso?

Created from a mixture of soybeans, filtered water, rice, and salt, miso is a Japanese food that can be enjoyed on its own or to add flavor to other meals. Miso is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals—making it ideal for a wide variety of dishes in traditional and modern cooking. Organic miso is miso that has been produced using organic ingredients—or those grown without pesticides, fertilizers, and additives.

Organic Miso Ingredients

Miso is made using a combination of rice, koji, soybeans, salt, and filtered water. The ingredients are aged/fermented and ground together to form a paste. The amount of each ingredient used and the length of the aging process will determine the color, flavor, and texture of the miso. Organic miso can range in color from white to dark red/brown and can have a salty, sweet, earthy, fruity, or savory flavor profile. Lighter varieties tend to be sweeter and mellower, while the darker versions are more savory, sharper products.

What is Organic Miso Good For?

Organic miso is versatile enough to be used as a main course or as an ingredient in a number of different dishes. Miso paste and powder can add a strong or subtle flavor to your soups, glazes, sauces, marinades, dips, side dishes, spices, seasonings, desserts, and more.

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Our Organic Miso Products

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