Red Miso

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What is Red Miso?

Red miso is one of the most common types of miso. The color, texture, and degree of saltiness of a particular miso depends upon the ingredients used and the duration of the aging period. Miso ranges in color from white to brown—the lighter varieties are mellower in flavor, while the darker ones are richer in flavor. Red miso, being darker in color, has a richer flavor profile, usually with a stronger umami element than other types of miso.

Red Miso Ingredients

Red miso is classified as rice miso (kome miso). The base ingredients of all rice miso are rice koji, soybeans, and salt. Both red and white miso are considered rice miso and are the types of miso most commonly found in stores in the United States. White and red miso, though made with the same ingredients, end up having such different appearance, flavor, and use because of the amount of each ingredient as well as the duration of their aging periods. Red miso is aged for a longer period of time, resulting in a richer, deeper umami flavor.

What Is Red Miso Good For?

Red miso has a wide variety of uses in a broad range of recipes. It has a rich depth and complexity of flavor, especially when compared to white miso, which is mellow and sweet. Red miso’s deep umami flavor makes it perfect for heartier dishes, so it is often used as a base for marinades, glazes, sauces, and soups.

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