Bowl of Hot Miso Soup

What is Tofu?

Most people know tofu as the vegetarian meat-alternative, but don’t actually know what it’s made from. Tofu consists largely of mashed soybeans that are pressed into white blocks. Soy milk is coagulated with the help of salt and acids to create the food we all recognize. This soft protein provider is predominantly used in Asian cuisine, in addition to being an extremely popular vegetarian option.

Why Eat Tofu Miso Soup?

Tofu isn’t only for vegetarians looking for a source of protein. Loved for its low calorie count and proportionately high protein content, it’s a common health food, but it also has other benefits. Tofu can reduce your risk of heart disease by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. It can also reduce your risk of getting colon, prostate, and breast cancer by providing selenium and aiding the functioning of your antioxidant system. It is also known to slow the aging process by helping your skin retain elasticity and your facial muscles retain tone. Tofu is also full of the components that build protein, making it a productive way to fight hair loss.

Our Commitment to Healthy Eating

Healthy eating isn’t always convenient and it isn’t always easy. If you’re busy at work or driving your children from one activity to the next, you may feel like you don’t have time to create the nutritious, tasty meals your family deserves. That’s why we are committed to our promise to provide easy, healthy meal solutions that you can prepare in a matter of moments. Never find yourself at a loss when you use our miso products and tofu to create a Japanese inspired dinner.

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