Miso soup is the classic miso recipe, but it’s just the beginning of a very eclectic collection of healthy Japanese soup recipes. These soup and noodle dishes will bring new twists to your miso soup and give you plenty of variations to the classic recipe.

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Soup and Noodle Health Highlights

Most of our soup and noodle recipes have the health benefits of classic miso soup with the added nutrients of ingredients like spinach, potatoes, clams, corn, mushrooms, carrots, chicken, and more, depending on the soup.

New Nutrients Every Night

With such a wide variety of soups to make with your miso, you will be able to incorporate different vegetables and nutrients into your diet every day. Our chicken and vegetable soup, for example, adds plenty of lean protein to fill you up more, but also includes healthy vegetables like onion, radish, and mushrooms.

Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Miso

We’re certain that you’ll never get bored with miso. It is versatile in that it can be the main flavor component of a dish (as in classic miso soup) or it can be a very subtle addition to another classic recipe to give you endless delicious, healthy meal options.