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Marukome has been making and perfecting the craft of miso ever since it became a staple of the Japanese diet. Let our authentic and natural miso products bring the healthy Japanese soup tradition into your home.

Miso & Easy

Our most popular miso, Miso & Easy is a miso broth concentrate perfect for a fast and healthy meal. Prepare your own homemade miso soup with no messy prep and minimal cleanup.


Instant Miso Soup

Enjoying the comfort and quality of authentic miso soup is easy. To bring Japan’s favorite flavors to your table in seconds, just add hot water to our natural miso soup cups.


Miso Paste

With organic and reduced-sodium options, you can choose between a variety of traditional miso pastes, each with its own unique blend of flavor and nutrition. Use miso paste as a marinade, a base for soup, and even in miso dessert recipes!



Koji is one of the base ingredients of miso, but it can also be made into a delicious Japanese condiment by mixing in other simple ingredients like sea salt and soy sauce. Check out our koji products and learn how you can use them in dozens of recipes.


Organic Miso Products

We are proud to be able to offer some of our most popular miso products in organic form. It’s the same authentic Japanese miso you know and love—free from pesticides, fertilizers, and additives.


Miso Marinade

Coming Soon

Bring umami flavor to your next home cooked meal and enjoy authentically marinated Japanese dishes in the comfort of your home.