Our Instant Soup Products

Bring Japan’s favorite flavors to your table in seconds. When you start with our natural miso soup ingredients, all you have to do is add hot water to enjoy the comfort and quality of authentic miso soup.

Girl Sipping Mis Soup Out of Bowl at Restaurant - right-image

Instant Miso—Instantly Delicious

We know that life gets busy, and we want to help you continue living a healthy lifestyle even when you have very little time for cooking. All of Marukome’s instant miso soups will bring you right to the heart of Japan’s culinary tradition without the wait. Filled with healthy and natural ingredients, our instant soups can provide you with a strong supply of varied miso soups to satisfy all of your miso cravings. Stock up and you’ll have meals planned for the week, instantly. Just add hot water.

Where to Buy Instant Miso Soup

You can buy our instant miso soups in select grocery stores and markets, and some are available for purchase online. Click on the instant miso you’d like to buy or contact your local market to find out if they carry Marukome instant miso soup.