Our Miso & Easy Products

Our most popular miso product in America, Miso & Easy is a broth concentrate perfect for a fast and healthy meal. Prepare your own homemade miso soup with no prep or cleanup.

Miso and Easy - Easy as 1-2-3 Just Add Hot Water to Make Miso Soup

The Original Miso _ Easy Broth

Original Miso & Easy

Vegetarian Miso _ Easy Broth

Vegetarian Miso & Easy with Reduced Sodium

Mild Chili Miso _ Easy Broth

Mild Chili Miso & Easy


OrganicMiso & Easy


25 delicious recipes with Miso & Easy Minimal cook time, Maximum flavor.



Where to Buy Miso & Easy

You can buy Miso & Easy online as well as in many grocery stores across the United States. Click on the product that you want to buy above or contact your local market to find out if they carry any of our delicious Miso & Easy options.