Our Miso Marinade Products

Bring umami flavor to your next home cooked meal and enjoy authentically marinated Japanese dishes in the comfort of your home.


Miso Marinade

While you can use any of our delicious miso products to marinate your food, our Miso Yaki marinade sauces are specially designed for creating the perfect marinated meals quickly and conveniently. Miso pastes are often used as bases for marinades, requiring a few additional ingredients before they’re ready to marinate your meat, but Miso Yaki marinades are ready to be used as is—making it even easier for you to enjoy delicious and authentic marinated meals in the comfort of your home.

Where to Buy Miso Marinade Products

Our miso marinades are available in select grocery stores and markets throughout the United States. Some are available for purchase online as well. Click on the miso you’re interested in above or contact your local store to find out if they carry Marukome Miso Yaki marinades.