Our Organic Miso Products

Enjoy the same authentic Japanese flavors you’ve come to know any love—free from any pesticides, fertilizers, and additives.


Organic Miso

We take pride in creating healthy, delicious miso products for you enjoy. While we’ve always used non-GMO soybeans as the base for our miso, we understand the importance of knowing exactly what’s in your food. That’s why we offer a line of organic miso products—ranging from instant miso packets to bulk packs of miso for restaurant use. Our organic miso products are free from pesticides and fertilizers, and we never use additives when creating them. The only ingredients in your food are pure and simple: organic rice, organic soybeans, organic alcohol, organic salt, and filtered water.

Where to Buy Organic Miso Products

Our organic miso products are available in select grocery stores and markets throughout the United States. Some are available for purchase online as well. Click on the miso you’re interested in above or contact your local store to find out if they carry Marukome organic miso products.