Miso Soup Dispenser

$1,299 + Filter


Machine Type: LC-1 MS120VUL

Dimensions: 17.8”H X 10.6” W x 19.5” D

Weight: 42lbs

Electricity: 120V, 12A, 1440W

Miso Soup Dispenser

Imagine enjoying a steaming bowl of authentic miso soup with the push of a button. Our soup dispensers can give you just that, whether you’re serving customers or helping yourself to more miso.

Our miso soup dispensers are very popular in restaurants, sushi bars, cafes, bars, buffets, poke shops, and office lounges. Their popularity has risen because they allow you to consistently serve high quality miso soup with less labor and no wait.

With just one push of a button and four seconds, you can have a cup of fresh, hot, and delicious miso soup. Once you experience the convenience and quality of authentic miso soup with one push, you won’t want to go back to cooking.

Where to Buy A Dispenser

Our dispensers are currently available for purchase by phone. Contact us and we’ll walk you through this simple process so that you have your easy-to-use miso soup machine in no time.