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Miso Recipes

Marukome is committed to spreading miso’s healthy living message, not just through our delicious miso products, but also by sharing our best miso recipes with you and your family.

Holiday Miso Recipes

Share the flavors of miso with your family and friends this year. Our recipes will help you put together a healthy and delicious feast.

Share Your Miso Recipes With Us!

We love hearing about your experiences with miso, so regardless of whether you have experimented with our tried and true recipes or you’ve created your own, we’d love for you to share your miso recipes with us through social media!

Miso Recipe Categories

Classic Miso Soup

The traditional and classic Japanese miso soup recipe is simple, healthy, and delicious. Here, you’ll find our classic recipe, so make sure you have a good miso paste for these classic flavors.


Making miso appetizers is a fun way to use your miso and will be a delight for dinner guests or your family. You’ll find recipes for salads, miso dressings, vegetable sides, and tasty bite-sized miso treats such as miso garlic potatoes, grilled french bread with Miso & Easy spread, and beef negi maki with miso mustard sauce.

Miso Entrees

There are some surprising ways to use miso in your main dish. Miso marinades are very popular for all types of meat, which is probably the most common way to use miso after miso soup. We also have miso pasta recipes, a deliciously crispy Miso & Easy fried chicken, miso tacos, and much more.

Soup And Noodles

You can do much more with miso than make miso soup! There are various soup recipes that you can use miso or koji in, and that doesn’t necessarily make them miso soup. There are also many delicious noodle dishes that are perfect for miso.

Miso Desserts

The most surprising use for miso is in desserts, but pairing salty miso with sweet ingredients is quite popular. Adding umami to sweetness brings out a complexity in many desserts, such as ice cream and cookies. Try some of our unique but wonderful miso dessert recipes.

Months of Miso

We are excited to offer enough miso recipes to keep you healthy and full for as many month’s worth of meal planning as you need. Trying to stay healthy with a busy schedule can be difficult, but our miso recipes can help you add some consistency, nutrition, and calm to your constantly-changing, fast-moving days.

Staying Healthy With Miso

Miso promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone, but our miso products are especially great for people with busy lives. We are committed to bringing healthy miso recipes into your home and sharing them with your family so that you can stay healthy together, no matter how busy your days get.

Health Highlights of Our Miso Recipes

Classic Miso Soup

The Japanese have always attributed cleansing and detoxifying qualities to the traditional and classic morning bowl of miso soup. The seaweed in this miso soup recipe is full of potassium, iodine, antioxidants, and tons of vitamins and minerals. It is also surprisingly high in protein, which, when combined with protein-rich miso, makes for a great, low-calorie but high-protein dish that can be used as an appetizer, meal or anytime snack.

Soup and Noodles

Our Miso Soup with Potato and Spinach is the perfect example of a healthy, filling meal that you can make quickly for your family. It uses any of our three Miso & Easy products. With four simple ingredients (and one of those ingredients is water!), you will have a hearty, flavorful soup ready in minutes. It will have all of the health benefits of miso as well as the many known nutritional benefits of spinach.


We have many recipes for salads and small bites, most of which are vegetable-based and high in protein. One such recipe, our Asian Crunchy Salad, is very easy to make and incorporates yogurt in the dressing and cashews in the topping. Cashews provide healthy fats and are high in protein, while the miso yogurt dressing gives your body more of the healthy probiotics that it needs.

Miso Entrees

Many of our miso entrees use an easy-to-make and healthy marinade. Miso’s health benefits are complemented with spices, garlic, olive oil, and other healthy ingredients in the marinades to bring out the best flavors of your meat or fish and to infuse it with a strong, savory, umami flavor.

Vegetarian Miso

Many of our vegetarian recipes incorporate a variety of vegetables, making for a colorful meal rich with vitamins and minerals. Our protein-rich miso added to these vegetable recipes will keep you full for longer and will complement the natural flavors of the vegetable.

Miso Desserts

Though it may seem like there are never health benefits to desserts, miso can help cure your sweet tooth in a healthier way than eating traditional sweets. Even when miso is used in combination with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, you are still getting the health benefits of miso. It’s true that it usually only takes a small amount of miso to add its delicious flavor benefits to a dessert, so you won’t be getting too much miso in your dessert portion, but every little bit of miso has the health benefits you love.