With enough entrees to fill your dinner planner for weeks and enough variety to keep every night interesting, you’ll be wanting miso with every meal. You can try a miso marinade on all of your favorite meat and fish entrees or try something new with a miso fried chicken.

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Miso Entree Health Highlights

Pick any of our miso entrees for a fast and healthy meal any night of the week. Because many of our entrees involve miso marinades, you can do most of the prep work the day before so that your healthy miso dinner can be made quickly without losing any of its quality.

High Degradation Potential

Miso and koji both make great marinades because of their ability to break down protein, which affects both flavor and nutrition. The high degradation potential of these fermented foods means that anything marinated in them becomes more easily digestible. The process also creates important amino acids that contribute to the umami flavor for a healthy and delicious meal.

Miso Variety

One of the best things about miso is its almost inexhaustible variety in application. You can make a meal as simple as a quick bowl of miso soup or miso butter pasta, and with the same main ingredient, you can also make a meal as unique as Miso & Easy Fried Chicken or Miso Tacos. Make a different miso meal for your every mood.