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Marukome was founded in 1854 by Tamiemon Aoki who was a Master Craftsman of Miso making.

For over 160 years Marukome's craftsman has devoted themselves to create Excellent Quality Miso with combination of traditional fermentation techniques and cutting edge technology.

Marukome's Miso is created by Awarded Contemporary Master Craftsman and fellow national certified craftsman with only the finest non-GMO soybeans.

The highest quality has been proven by receiving the Gold Prize in the National Miso competition held by Japan Federation of Miso.

Collaboration of #1 Miso company Marukome and US Top Chef Morimoto enable everyone to have Premum Authentic Miso Soup in a minute.

Our History

1854: Started a venture into Japan’s number one miso company.

He became passionate about miso at an early age, growing up on his family’s rice and soybean fields and cultivating his interest by practicing the craft of making miso.

1960: First company in the industry to shift from shipment of miso in casks to cardboard boxes, a move highly supported by retailers.

when Sataro provided miso paste and soy sauce to the capital after a massive earthquake led to a scarcity of food and water.

2007-Current: his vision started to become a reality
as Marukome USA was created.

using the finest ingredients to create unique flavor profiles and exceptional health benefits to be shared with the world.

Our Process


non-GMO soybeans to make the highest quality miso at
our cutting-edge factories

We prepare our miso by mixing rinsed and steamed soybeans with
koji and salt and allowing it to ferment for several months.


non-GMO soybeans to make the highest quality miso at
our cutting-edge factories

Our newest miso product only has 5 ingredients: filtered water,
organic soybeans, organic rice, sea salt, and organic alcohol.


our products to better suit your tastes and healthy

Our product development team carries out repeated trials to create
innovative new tastes and recipes for a miso that is always
the best.


Miso has numerous health benefits

being rich in protein, high in dietary fiber, filled with valuable probiotics,
vitamins, and minerals, and much more.

Our Mascot

Our Mascot: Marukome Boy

Marukome Boy is the face of Japan’s #1 miso company. He is beloved in Japan and is becoming very popular in the United States as well. He goes to all sorts of healthy food expos to promote the goodness of miso and koji.He loves doing arts and crafts and creating new healthy recipes using Marukome miso. His favorite part of the United States Marukome Factory in Irvine is that it’s so close to the beach, which he visits whenever he isn’t busy promoting the health benefits of miso.

Marukome Boy was born and raised in Nagano Prefecture. He is so happy to be part of Japan’s favorite miso company that he has made it his mission to spread the health benefits of miso to the rest of the world. His travel schedule is very busy and always changing, but if he doesn’t have time to make up new and delicious recipes, he keeps himself happy and healthy with a steady stock of instant miso soup—it’s easy to make and it brings some consistency to his busy life. If he hasn’t visited your town yet, come find him on social media and see what he’s been up to.

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