Learn About Marukome and the Magic of Miso

About Us

As Japan’s #1 miso company, Marukome is committed to spreading a healthy living message to the world with traditional Japanese food. We have been making high quality miso products for a century and a half, which is just as long as miso has been a staple of the Japanese diet.

Japan has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world. Within Japan, the people of Nagano Prefecture have the longest life span. Marukome was founded in Nagano Prefecture, which also has the highest miso consumption in the country.

Marukome distributes its fine miso products to, at the latest count, 24 countries on five continents around the world. We want to bring the goodness of miso, all of its health benefits, and its delicious flavor, to you and your family for delicious, simple, and healthy meal solutions.