Though an unlikely pairing, miso brings a surprising complexity and depth of flavor to many common desserts. Try some of these treats for a unique umami-infused sweetness in your favorite classic desserts.

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Miso and Sweets

The history of using miso in desserts is fairly recent. In fact, in Japan, it is not at all common to take savory miso over to the sweet side. In the United States, though, it is a popular practice to add typically savory ingredients to classically sweet desserts. Think of how many desserts add bacon, for example, or even simply sea salt. To add salty-sweet miso to desserts is only natural. It brings even more than a typical sea salt addition— its buttery quality adds a smooth richness to desserts, and adding umami to something that is primarily sweet gives the dessert a unique complexity.

Healthy Burst of Flavor

Alongside its excellent flavor-producing power, miso adds a little burst of healthy to your desserts. All of the nutrients that you know and love in miso will be added to your desserts, making that burst of flavor even more satisfying.

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Miso?

Just as chocolate is a classic base for bacon and sea salt additions, so is it perfect for miso. Rich chocolatey brownies and simple chocolate chip cookies can become luscious and complex with a small bit of miso. Vanilla and caramel are two more dessert flavors that are greatly improved by adding miso. Sweet and smooth white miso is the best type of miso to use with all of these classic dessert flavors.