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What is Koji?

Koji is a culture of Koji mold (Koji-kin), a kind of mold rich in enzymes that grow on some kinds of grain such as rice, and it is the very basis of fermented foods. Koji is used to make many kinds of traditional Japanese foods such as Miso, Soy Sauce, and Sake. Marukome has devoted entirely to the production of Miso since its founding in 1854. Koji is an indispensable substance, and the powder of Koji is indeed our underlying strength.

Recently, fermented foods have been in the spotlight again. More and more people are interested in them, and they try to learn from the Japanese traditional way of life and wisdom. Marukome has always been dedicated to producing seasonings that form the basis of Japanese food culture, and it continues to innovate high-quality and healthy products.


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