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High Quality, Low Maintenance

For all the quality and ease in a machine that gives you a one-step cup of miso soup, you might think that the maintenance is less-than-simple. But this isn’t the case at all! Marukome’s miso soup dispensers are very low maintenance. You can learn most of what you’ll need to know from our 4-minute maintenance video, and everything works intuitively. We also provide a 2-minute advanced maintenance video for tasks that you will only have to perform once per year, such as replacing the filter. We recommend that you clean your miso dispenser a couple of times per month, but make sure to clean the tray every day.

Where to Buy A Dispenser

Our dispensers are currently available for purchase by phone. Contact us and we’ll walk you through this simple process so that you have your easy-to-use miso soup machine in no time.

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