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Miso Dispenser

Marukome Miso Dispensers are the ideal self-service machine that provides fresh, healthy miso soup to you within seconds. Enjoy the quality taste of traditional Japanese soup at the push of a button with our easy-to-use Miso Dispensers perfect for offices/factories, restaurants, schools cafeterias, and hotels.

Why do I need the Miso Dispenser?Miso Dispenser

.1 Always fresh.

Every bowl of miso made by Marukome is freshly made for you by its dispenser. Marukome miso soup is never pre-cooked. When you use your Miso dispenser, you are guaranteed a delicious bowl of fresh soup made from specially created miso concentrate.

.2 Always healthy.

Miso that is made from these great dispensers is always guaranteed to be quality-grade and fresh. You’re sure to love the expertly created flavors that are well known among the miso-loving community.

3.Easy to use.

Anyone can enjoy the great flavor and taste of miso soup with an easy-to-use Miso Dispenser. With just a push of a button, your soup is always ready in 4 seconds.

4. Cost effective.

The cost of using the miso dispenser vs. the cost of cooking an ordinary bowl from employees would be around $0.10 vs. $0.80.

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Current Customers

Our current customers include a variety of organizations, businesses, and factories that all benefit greatly from our instant Miso Dispenser.

1.At work

Encourage your team in the office or factory to jump ahead and get rolling quickly to work with hot, delicious miso soup.

2.In restaurants/cafeterias

Entice your hungry customers with the flavorful aroma of authentic Japanese soups with a self-serve dispenser.


Miso Dispensers are the perfect addition to any hotel kitchen/buffet with easy-to-use self serving machinery. Your staff/guests are sure to love this easy to make and clean dispenser.

Miso Dispenser

Explore the great authentic taste of Japanese miso soup that is beloved by allright in your own home. Marukome has harnessed the quality of Japan’s highly advanced tech-engineering to bring its first Miso Dispenser to the USA. This one-touch and user-friendly dispenser guarantees absolutely no mess so that you can have instant access to fresh and energizing soup.

Want to understand our instant Miso Dispensers even more? Check out the videos below for answers and explanations to your frequently asked questions

How to Install


Installing your Miso Dispenser

Shut off the Main water supply at the brass/chrome colored supply valve

Disconnect the riser from the brass/chrome colored supply valve

Ensure that the sealing gasket is fully inserted into the Angle Stop Valve female thread

Install Angle Stop Adapter Valve on support valve

Connect the riser to the Angle Stop Adapter Valve

Fully insert tubing into the Speedfit side of the valve

Open valves and check for leaks

When attaching the water tube/line

Push the tube into the receiving end firmly

Pull each end of the water tube to ensure tube security

Test system before use


How to Use

Using your instant Miso Dispenser is as easy as 1-2-3!

Push the tube into the receiving end firmly

Pull each end of the water tube to ensure tube security

Test system before use


Using your instant Miso Dispenser is as easy as 1-2-3!

Remove the empty bag from dispenser with the connector attached.

Screw on the connector to new dispenser bag and let as much air out as possible and lock the valve.

Insert the miso bag, label facing you then connect the ”tube insert” into the connector.

Open valve and dispense 1 bowl of miso soup then ready to serve.

How to Clean

Cleaning your instant Miso Dispenser is easy with low maintenance machinery.

1. Open door and remove miso bag from connector.

2. Using two bowls (one empty and one containing hot water), soak the connector piece still attached to the tube into the bowl of hot water. Place the empty bowl under the nozzle.

3. Push and hold the main miso button for 20 seconds. Repeat the process until the miso paste clears from the miso tube.

Dispenser Parts

  • 1. Miso tube
  • 2. Water hose
  • 3. Connector piece
  • 4. Collecting tray
  • 5. Water filter

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