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Marukome’s History

Marukome has a long and rich history based in family tradition and a passion for making miso. Through all the years, we have maintained the same passion that first started Marukome, and we still uphold the highest standards when it comes to quality ingredients and carefully created flavor profiles. Where we come from is a key piece of who we are today and why we are committed to producing the highest quality miso.

In 1854 in the Nagano Prefecture, Tamiemon Aoki unassumingly started a venture that would later turn into Japan’s number one miso company. He became passionate about miso at an early age, growing up on his family’s rice and soybean fields and cultivating his interest by practicing the craft of making miso. Years of practice turned into years of experience, and he was quickly known amongst villagers in his prefecture as being the master of miso.

Tamiemon passed down his miso knowledge, passion, and recipes to his son, Sataro Aoki the first, who opened a small miso and soy sauce shop in the Nagano Prefecture. The small company achieved large scale exposure to Tokyo in 1923 when Sataro provided miso paste and soy sauce to the capital after a massive earthquake led to a scarcity of food and water. Sataro Aoki responded immediately with the desire to help, leading unintentionally to a major first step in spreading Aoki Miso to the rest of Japan.

The company was passed on from father to son for three more generations, growing each time and finally landing in the ownership of its current president, Tokio Aoki. It was Tokio’s father who renamed the company from Aoki Miso and Soy Sauce to Marukome, and in 1982, he led Marukome to its number one spot with the release of Japan’s first miso paste containing dashi, Ryotei-no-Aji.

Tokio Aoki, proud of Marukome’s success in Japan but dreaming of even greater things, decided that he wanted to share the goodness of miso with the rest of the world. In 2007, his vision started to become a reality as Marukome USA was created.

Marukome’s history is a story of tradition and passion passed from generation to generation by those who perfected the craft and technique of miso’s fermentation process, using the finest ingredients to create unique flavor profiles and exceptional health benefits to be shared with the world. Marukome is still Japan’s favorite miso, and we can’t wait to make it yours, too.

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