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Chicken BBQ Miso Grill

Chicken BBQ Miso Grill

  • Marukome USA Inc.
It's grilling season! 😎🍖
If you’re a fan of easy meals, you have to try this ✨Chicken BBQ Miso Grill✨ recipe! It’s so tender and delicious with flavorful miso paste and perfect for backyard barbecues or easy weeknight dinners! 🍳

🔸Chicken BBQ Miso Grill🔸

2 chicken thighs with skin
2 tbsp miso paste
2 tsp honey
1 tsp minced green onion
2 cups mix vegetables

1) Mix miso, honey and green onion in a bowl.
2) Clean chicken thighs need to be trim and remove any chunk of fat.
3) In a fry pan add in oil and chicken with skin on top then turn on the heat for approximately 10 min then flip it around with low heat for 3 min.
4) Spread miso mix in to the skin then once again flip it around and fry it then take it out before being burnt.
5) Serve it on a plate and garnish it with mix vegetables.

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