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  • Marukome USA Inc.
Pretend City Children's Museum in California has
unveiled a newly opened Japanese restaurant-themed study space.

On September 28, 2023, Marukome U.S.A., Inc. opened a learning space modeled after a Japanese restaurant that offers an interactive experience at the Pretend City Children's Museum located in Irvine, California.

We are providing food education opportunities such as miso-tasting experiences to children.

IRVINE, California - Pretend City Children's Museum
(http://www.pretendcity.org/) is modeled after a small, child-sized city. Designed with the concept of “building a better brain'' through purposeful and practical play, the museum features interactive exhibits and displays that help children understand how real cities operate.

We collaborated with the museum for the first time to launch a Japanese-restaurant-themed learning space open from September 28, 2023, for one year.

Our company is celebrating its 16th year since its establishment. To mark this milestone, we initiated a project with Pretend City Children’s Museum aiming to promote community health and nutritional education through social activities.

This is our first attempt to open a semi-permanent space where children can become familiar with miso from an early age. On the opening day, representatives from the Mayor of Irvine and the California State Representative's office attended, sent messages of congratulations, and presented a certificate of recognition as a business-booth recognized by a public institution.




Implementation overview

(1) “Expanding taste buds and being in charge of the world of umami” from childhood

We plan to hold tasting events using fermented foods and seasonal vegetables six times a year. We will focus on nutritious and delicious seasonal vegetables as a dietary education theme. We also have souvenirs that you can use for cooking at home.

(2) Pretend cooking experience

Children can become "young apprentice chefs" and make miso dishes to develop their creativity in the kitchen.


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