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Learn About Marukome and the Magic of Miso

Our Process

We use only non-GMO soybeans to make the highest quality miso at our cutting-edge factories. We prepare our miso by mixing rinsed and steamed soybeans with koji and salt and allowing it to ferment for several months.

Our miso products are made with simple and natural ingredients. Our newest miso product only has 5 ingredients: filtered water, organic soybeans, organic rice, sea salt, and organic alcohol. You can be confident that you’re enjoying the healthy goodness of miso with each of our products.

We are constantly improving our products to better suit your tastes and healthy lifestyle. Our product development team carries out repeated trials to create innovative new tastes and recipes for a miso that is always the best. We have a quality control team that ensures only the highest quality ingredients are used in our miso and delivered to your table.

Miso has numerous health benefits, being rich in protein, high in dietary fiber, filled with valuable probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and much more.

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